Self Analysis & Career Planning

Career Planning has never been easy because most of the time Career Planning is done by doing Analysis on the types of Career Choices available. Most of the time we analyse whether Engineering is better than Medical or Medical is better than Law or becoming an IAS officer is better, or being a Professor is better, whether doing Job is better or doing Business is better. But all these analysis are only focusing on one part – which Career is better or more profitable. But the other part is You, who has to actually pursue the Career. There is hardly any importance given to the most important factor – What is your interest? Nobody asks you, what is your interest and you are also much confused about your own Interests.
Very few people can clearly tell about their Interest. Majority follow the crowd. The second most important factor is Capability. Do you have the Capability to pursue, and became successful in your area of Interest. Majority of the people are unsuccessful because they are in the wrong Profession. And even if they become successful, they are not happy and satisfied.
Every human being is Unique. God has made us Unique. And God has a plan for us which we call our Destiny. But God has not done any partiality because ultimately we are the creator of our own Destiny. Our own Karmas of past define our present and our present Karmas define our future. If we can know about our Potential and Interest by some means then we can be better equipped to decide and embark upon our Career. There are various tools available to know about our Own Self.
The best tool is Astrology. Astrology is a complete science. It not only tells us about our Potential, Capabilities and Interest but also tells us about our current Time Period and Future Time Period. We can know exactly when to Time the things and when can we be successful in our chosen Career.
The second important tool is Numerology. Numerology in itself can attempt to answer all those questions which Astrology can answer but with less precision. Numerology is good for people who want to know about themselves and who do not know about their exact birth details.
Then there are several scientific methods mostly related to Human Psychology which can be used to determine our Interests & Potential.
In this category Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is the best method to know about our Interests, Capabilities and Learning style. Learning Style is something which is a
unique feature of DMIT and it makes DMIT stand apart from other self help tools.
The second method is Psychometric Test or Interest Aptitude Test. This Test is used to determine only the Interest of the concerned Individual and not his / her Potential. So Psychometric Test is more limited than DMIT. But Psychometric Test is being used by Industry since, many years to select the right Employee. DMIT Test is based upon Fingerprint Analysis and it is a relatively new Concept.
There are many more methods of knowing about oneself like Palmistry (Study of Lines on Hand), Graphology (Handwriting Analysis), etc. which can be used as Self Help Tools.
The entire Idea is to emphasize upon the fact that You are more important than Career. You are not for Career but the Career is for You. As long as you focus on knowing yourself and decide upon your Career based on your own Interest, Potential,
Capabilities, favourable Time Periods and so on , you will be Successful, Happy and Satisfied. And this is the Goal of life – to earn Money and become Successful but at the same time to be Happy & Satisfied also .
Prof. Madhur Shukla,
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Astrologer & Numerologist Since 25 Years,
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