1. Introduction:

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a fingerprint Analysis Test which determines the hidden Talent and Potential of a Child/Individual. The Test provides information about 8 types of Multiple Intelligences and Learning Style of the Child / Individual.

  1. Procedure:

At the outset fingerprint scans are taken by Executives of our Team by visiting at your place. These scans are sent to Malaysia through Brainwonders Mumbai. After 4/5 Days the DMIT Report is received on Email by us. We then provide you a hardcopy of the DMIT Report and arrange a Counseling Session for you. The Counseling is done by Expert Psychologists from Brainwonders, Mumbai on Telephone / Video Call. The Counseling Session is of 30 / 45 minutes in which the DMIT report is explained and Answers to your Questions are given. In case of remaining doubts a Recounseling Session can be arranged free of cost later on.

  1. Fees:

The fees for DMIT Test is Rs 4500/- and at present the Nagpur students are offered a discounted price of Rs 3500/-.

  1. Who can do DMIT ?

DMIT can be done by very small children to Adults, Middle aged people & even Senior citizens, Men & Women. There is no Age limit and anybody who wants to know about himself or herself through fingerprint Analysis can give the DMIT Test.

  1. How Can DMIT help ?

Nowadays many students suffer from Anxiety and depression because of stress related to studies. Why does this stress come ? Because most of the times the student is studying something which is not of his Interest. He takes Admission in a course because other tell him to do so.

DMIT can help you understand your Intelligence in various fields and you can choose the Education and Career which is of your Interest and not on the suggestions of others. DMIT also helps in knowing your Learning Style so that you can become a Fast Learner.

  1. Multiple Intelligence:

There are 8 kinds of Intelligence about which information is provided in the DMIT report. They are

  1. Verbal – Linguistic Intelligence.
  2. Logical – Mathematical Intelligence.
  • Visual – Spatial Intelligence.
  1. Bodily – Kinesthetic Intelligence.
  2. Musical – Rhythmic Intelligence.
  3. Interpersonal – Social Intelligence.
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence.
  • Naturalistic – Physical World Intelligence.

Each Intelligence as the name suggests informs us about the talent of a person in the particular field and suitable Career Options can be suggested for fields in which the person has Higher Intelligence. Similarly improvements can be suggested for fields in which a person has lower Intelligence.

  1. Learning Styles :

There are Primary & Secondary Learning Styles which can be determined by DMIT Test. The Primary Learning Styles are Concept Based and Motive Based Learners. The Secondary Learning Styles are Visual, Kinesthetic and Auditory Learners.  The Visual Learners learn fast by seeing things and the Kinesthetic Learners learn fast by touching things whereas the Auditory Learners learn fast by hearing Sounds. Once a Child or Individual knows his / her Learning Style through DMIT, he / she can become a Fast Learner by following the most suitable method.

  1. For a Sample Report of DMIT, click here.

If you are interested in DMIT, click here.

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