1. Introduction:
Psychometric Test is a written test given by a Person to judge his / her qualities. There are various types of Psychometric Tests used by Industries / Organisations to test their Employees for specific qualities.
We offer the Interest – Aptitude Test or simply Interest Test. This is a Online Test used to determine the Interest of a Person so that suitable Career Options can be suggested to him / her.
2. Procedure:
The interested candidate is provided a link by us and he / she appears for the Online Test. The Test is of 1 hour duration with 60 questions. After successful completion of the Test the candidate receives the Interest Test Report by Email in 4/5 days. After receiving the Report a Counseling Session is done by Psychologists from Brainwonders Mumbai by Telephone / Video Call. The Counseling Session is of 15 – 20 minutes. The Interest Test Report is explained during the Counseling and suitable Career Options are suggested.
3. Fees:
The fees for Psychometric Test is Rs 1500/- per Test in Central India. However local Nagpur students are offered a discounted price of Rs 1200/- only.
4. For Sample Report of Psychometric Test, click here.
If you are interested in giving Psychometric Test, click here.

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